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Capturing the Thrill of the Game:
Go Beyond the Static Pose:
Forget stiff, staged shots. Vanessa Houk excels at capturing the energy, power, and grace of athletes in action. She utilizes creative techniques and high-speed photography to freeze-frame the peak of movement, showcasing your athleticism and dedication to your sport.

Visual Storytelling:
A dynamic sports portrait from Vanessa isn't just a photo; it's a story. She'll capture the intensity of competition, the determination in your eyes, and the pure joy of playing the sport you love.

Highlighting Your Skills:
Showcase Your Technique:
Vanessa has a keen eye for capturing the technical aspects of your sport. Whether it's the perfect form of a soccer kick or the powerful swing of a golf club, she'll freeze-frame these moments, allowing you to showcase your skills and commitment to your training.

Perfect for Portfolios and College Applications:
Dynamic sports portraits from Vanessa can be a valuable asset for athletes seeking scholarships, sponsorships, or professional opportunities. These captivating images can help you stand out from the competition and visually showcase your athletic talents.

The Vanessa Houk Advantage:
Experience and Expertise:
Vanessa understands the challenges and nuances of capturing athletes in action. She has the experience and technical skills to work effectively in various sports settings, ensuring a successful photoshoot.
Collaborative Approach:
Vanessa will work closely with you to understand your sport, playing style, and desired outcome. She'll discuss your vision for the portrait and tailor the session to capture the essence of your athleticism.

More Than Just a Photo:
Confidence Booster:
Having a dynamic and professional sports portrait can be a real confidence booster. It's a visual representation of your dedication and hard work, serving as a source of motivation and inspiration as you pursue your athletic goals.
A Lasting Memento:
These photos become cherished keepsakes, capturing a specific moment in your athletic journey. You can look back on them with pride, reflecting on your achievements and the passion you have for your sport.

Ready to Capture Your Athletic Spirit?
Contact Vanessa Houk today to discuss your dynamic sports portrait session. With her creative vision, technical expertise, and dedication to capturing the essence of movement, she will create stunning images that showcase your athleticism and leave a lasting impression.


1 hour session: $425

Commercial Release for Influencers and Businesses: inquire.

Client responsible for any location rental fees.


Looking for unique images for your school or club's sports team?
All team photos include group photos, individual portraits and 'buddy' photos as time allows.
Sessions are charged $40 per player with accessibility to all downloadable images. Minimum 10 players.

Online ordering available for teams of 40 players or more.

Travel fee outside of Fort Collins.