Custom Commercial Business Photography Packages

Good photography can change a customer’s perception of your business. Every business needs images to attract the right customers through their print and online presence. Create your own package by picking and choosing what you need for your business, website, print & marketing needs.

Below are the details, costs and sample images.  You can combine any of the categories to build your custom business photography package.  Minimum package total is $400 for mobile services.     A non-refundable $200 deposit is required at the time of booking.  Final invoicing will be sent after the shoot to allow for additional photography requests to be added during the session.

I do all of my shoots the same as far as product delivery goes.  You get a commercial license for all of the final cut images in full resolution downloadable form.  


Option 1:

I am most known for this style of headshot.  It's a specific lighting setup I only use for headshots.  I bring those lights and a back drop.   This is a good option because if you add another staff person, you can just send them over to my studio and the images will look consistent.   Image preview/selection and retouching available.  

PRICING: Starting at $30 per employee for non-retouched images.  Contact for exact quote.

All images shown have professional retouching.  

Option 2: 

Headshot at your location/your background (either outside or inside).  Everyone uses the same background.  (If you wish to move around and have different backgrounds for each employee, the price will increase a bit.)   I use one light with an umbrella type modifier on it.  

Includes: 5-10 minute headshot session per employee, image selection on the back of the camera and minor edits. 

PRICING: Starting at $20 per person per employee for non-retouched images. 



Group shots taken at your location indoors or outdoors.  Off camera lighting included. Approximately 15 minutes per group photo.   Retouching not included.

PRICING: $30 per combination. Example: Entire staff shot, manager shot and technician shot counts as 3 combinations. 


These shots are most often used on websites and social media.  I recommend using friends, family or staff as your models for these type of shots.  I will need for you to have a written list before I arrive.  We can always add things as we go.  

PRICING: $250 per hour.  You get all good images taken during this time. Retouching not included.


I use wide angle lenses & off camera lighting to give you shots that are evenly exposed and true to scale.  These images have no people in them.

PRICING: $30 per room/area or $125 per 1,000 sq ft.  Large locations with no dividing walls will be broken down into different areas.  


I use a macro lense & off camera flash.  These are good for your website or social media to highlight your products and equipment.  We use all backgrounds at your location.  Photographer does not provide props.

Option 1:

General office equipment/products used in sales:

PRICING: $20 per product for in office/facility items.  

Commercial Retail Product Photography: 

PRICING: $50-$500 per product.