About I Vanessa Houk Photography I Where It All StartedAnyone who is married and has kids might understand that the husband usually seems to have endless hobbies, while the wife is excited to just mindlessly browse the aisles at Walmart by herself and call it a hobby. Around the time of my daughter's 1st birthday my husband surprised me with a Cannon T3i and told me, "you do have a hobby., taking pictures of our kids" This little machine I had been gifted worked amazing on auto mode, but frustrated the heck out of me on manual. Immediately I found courses online at improvephotography.com and stayed up late into the night learning to work my camera. We lived outside of Aspen at the time on a beautiful 7 acre property & we happened to have tons of beautiful family friends , so I just started offering free photosessions at my house to get practice. I quickly grew out of wanting to edit every photo online at Picmonkey.com and decided to get Lightroom. Long story short, it blossomed from there. I am an official "momtographer' and I am totally okay with that.

About my family.My husband, Ross, and I met in Vail as Young Life leaders & got married in 2005. Together we have taken many adventures, one too many risks and have learned to laugh at how nothing in life ever goes as planned. We reside in Fort Collins, Colorado with our two children. Ross owns two autoshops in Northern Colorado, John's 4x4 in Boulder and Fort Collins 4x4 in Fort Collins. Ross loves to go offroading and I tolerate it just fine. We love to adventure with our two children and we are masters and grabbing cheap Frontier Airlines flights. We met as youth leaders with an organization called Young Life and we both love hanging with Jr. High and High School students. Our son, Miller, is a science and space freak. If you want your space questions answered, just ask him. He is a kind soul and we really like him. Vivian, our daughter, has been a little spit fire since day one. She arrived 6 weeks early and pulled out her own breathing tube in the hospital. She keeps it lively & imaginative around here. If you need someone to make and hang signs, she is your girl. She loves to use about 15 pieces of tape to hang a single 8.5 x11 work of art. She is stinkin hilarious and we think she will stand for something awesome some day.