Hello there!  I'm excited to photograph your home and get you on your way to getting your house sold!!!  I could write a bunch of prep work to be done, but there is a fabulous website that has already done so.  Click on the link below to get a comprehensive list of prepping your home for a real estate shoot.  Don't be afraid to shove everything into your garage.  We don't have to photograph that! :)



Here's how I work: 

When I arrive at your home, I usually shoot the front of the home first.  I will then come in, get a quick tour of the home and get to work inside.  I do one floor at a time and can start where ever you like.  Please open all binds and window treatments, have lights on and if there are things that need to be moved in certain rooms (like a large baby toy or dog crate), be on hand to do that.  I will then do the backyard and work my way back around to the front to shoot it again.  If your neighborhood has great amenities and you would like those photographed, I charge an additional $50 for those shots. 


Photos are edited and delivered within 48 hours.  Please let me know if your timeline requires faster delivery.